Transformer: Sergio Magana (Ocelocoyotl), Dazed & Confused Magazine

Sergio Magana is a Mexican healer and shaman, and author of 2012 – 2021: The Dawn of the Sixth Sun (Blossoming Books). He was trained in the Nahuatl tradition, a lineage descended from the ancient Aztecs. His book reveals prophetic information, hitherto secret, on the meaning of the next age – “the Age of the Sixth Sun” for the Aztecs – and how it we will experience it, according to the esoteric lore of Mesoamerica.


Where does your knowledge come from?


I had four teachers that came from the lineages of the Chicamecas, from Teotihuacan, and the Toltecs. They preserved the knowledge of the ancient Aztecs. Between them, I got all of the information about the calendar and the dates. People don’t know that the Maya were already in a decadent state when the colonialists arrived.


According to your sources, we are currently in a transition between the Fifth and Sixth Sun. What does that mean?


The Age of the Fifth Sun ended in 1991. We are now in a transition that will end in 2021 with the onset of the Sixth Sun. The Aztec calender measures a 26,500 year cycle, divided into four periods. Each Sun is 6,625 years long. Like a sunrise, the beginning of a new Sun is not immediate, but takes time to reach its zenith.


What characterizes the 6th Sun? What’s the difference between this age and the last one?


The Nahuatl prophecy says the the 5th Sun ends with earthquakes, a lot of suffering, and everyone will “die.” This death is not literal, however. It signifies a transformation. The four ages oscillate between Suns of Light and Suns of Darkness: The Sixth Sun is a Sun of Darkness. This is not good or bad. “Darkness” means what is unknown: our shadow, the dream state, “the cave.” In Nahuatl tradition, we have the “tonal” and the “nagual.” The tonal is who you are awake: who you are reflected in the obsidian mirror. The nagual is our essence, energy body: who we really are. On the way to our essence, we find the dream state and the dream body. In the Age of the Sixth Sun, we have to learn the science of dreaming – we have to take control of the nagual. Everything can be done in the state of the nagual.


What will happen as we go deeper into this transition over the next years?


We will begin transcending the illusion of matter and begin seeing who we are. For people who don’t clear their shadows, they will face their cataclysm. For some, this will mean physical death; for others, transformation.


In the modern epoch, we delivered science and technology – computers and so on. What was the meaning of all of this for the next age?


When you learn the science of dreaming, you discover the world is different than we think. Humans think we are inventors of technology. Actually, computers use us to appear in this world. As you enter the training you get a deeper perception: Things that can’t move in the daylight world, like plants and computers, are able to move in the dream world. That is why we need allies like plants, stones, and even machines in the dream world: They can move in the world of the dream, while we can’t. In the dream, they are more creators than we are.


Many esoteric traditions, like Tibetan Buddhism and Western alchemy, tell us that developing continuity of consciousness between sleeping and waking is essential. Why does this remain secret or hidden information?


This knowledge doesn’t make sense during a Sun of Light. It only started to manifest as we approached the transition, through thinkers like Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, who explored the unconscious. It is what is coming: the order of the new Sun. After 2021, half of our spiritual practice will take place in the sleeping state.