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My closing talk from Breaking Convention, on Psychedelic Initiation and the Ecological Crisis. After it, I held a Q and A with Russell Brand, who came to check it out. The Breaking Convention 2015: 3rd International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness was hosted at the University of Greenwich, 10-12th July, 2015.

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I am fascinated by Marc Lanza's Biocentrism hypothesis. He argues that the universe is constructed for biological life and self-aware entities to emerge. A similar theory is put forth by the physicist Amit Goswami in The Self Aware Universe, but without the biological focus: Consciousness evolves more sophisticated vehicles for self-awareness, for the experience of itself.

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Mind-forged Manacles

Revolution is an antiquated term that refers to older political and social arrangements. What we require now is more like a metamorphosis, where we consciously transform our existing infrastructure from within and without, utilising archaic techniques and postmodern technologies to bring about a polar reversal of values and behaviour.

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