Transformer: Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dazed & Confused Magazine

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a futurist and visionary, often called the grandmother of the conscious evolution movement. She is the author of numerous books, including her latest, Birth 2012 and Beyond, and the subject of “The Mother of Invention”, a new book by Neale Donald Walsch. She is currently working on “Day One,” a global activation on December 22, 2012 – one day after the end of the prophetic Mayan Calendar., and her 83rd birthday.


Q: What does the concept of the “Noosphere” mean to you?


A: It came with my readings of Teillard de Chardin, and “The Phenomenon of Man.” He had this concept of the Noosphere, and he claimed that at some point it would gain these collective eyes, and we would be connecting heart with heart, and center with center within that noosphere. As a Christian priest, he called it the “Christification of the Earth.” In other words, the experience of love and connectedness would change the whole experience of Earth.


Q: What do you think of the Singularity movement and the place of technology in our future evolution?


A: I believe we are on the threshold of a species mutation. Everyone is doing their part. Starting with the atomic bomb, quantum mechanics, we’ve been given God-like powers. I believe these are the natural powers of a universal species. However, unless we activate the love and the spirit, unless we connect heart with heart, combining heart resonance with high technologies, and imagine these heart technologies guided by a deep, spiritual Christ-oriented consciousness or Buddha-oriented sensibility, then there will be no growth.


Q: As part of this species mutation, what will happen to love, sex, and relationships?


A: Over the last decades, we find the urge to reproduce, whether it was forced or voluntary, is changing in women. We are shifting from procreation toward co-creation; the procreative urge can transform into creative energy, and wants to be expressed in life’s purpose. We want to join our “genius,” not our genes. I call it the rise of “supra-sex.” My experience is, and I’m really from the old generation, is that we’re heading towards co-creative relationships on all levels, whether it be romantic, platonic, social or creative entrepreneurship.


Q; Tell us about the Day One movement: How do you see this movement of “conscious evolution” unfolding from here on out?


A: It’s clear that whatever the prophecy, the environmental catastrophe, that something is dying in our age. Then, it’s also equally true that something new is being born, emerging, or being created. Just as the culture gave us this Mayan prophecy on December 21st, when something is over and something new is about to happen, we thought that “Day One”—building on the day after 12/21—is a time to acknowledge, what actually is new? What is emerging? What is created? We’re calling it the planetary birth of the new era of evolution. My hope is that there will be a “birthday” celebration every year, just as there is on “Earth Day.” It’s not that there’s any one moment, but I’ve always felt that if humanity could see what’s actually created, what’s actually working in health, work, new energy, new science, new consciousness. If we could connect the dots of what’s already emerging, we will see an emerging world in our midst. That vision of connecting what’s emerging as a baby step that we’re making towards the planetary civilization would be the celebration of “Day One.” And, hopefully, that would continue.