The eternal ecstasy of the Void
Subsumes all into it,
Expels all from it;
Nothing exists - outside of it.
It is not a thing or a way or a path.
It is unconditional.
One response to it is terror -
But that is meaningless.
You can surrender to it, knowing
You were always surrendered to it. 
Even God emerges out of it
And sinks back into it.
Does the Void have a memory, a color, a feeling-tone? 
No, it has none of those things. 
It contains everything
without containment. 
The Void is the effortless answer
to no question. 
God, consciousness, creation - 
so many colorful distractions,
flimsy dissipations. 
The Void doesn’t even try 
to consume or obliterate them. 
Beyond death, beyond nonbeing, 
Beyond any quality that can be named, 
any shape or form, beyond any duality, 
just the limitless, unbounded, unrealizable.

Love is perhaps the last tone one recognizes
as one passes into it.

Madness is just a stage one goes through
on the way to equanimity, stability
in the face of it.

We are already annihilated in its
crystalline feathery infinity - 
we are already reconstituted
in trillions upon trillions
of puppet show worlds,
playing these little parts, 
strutting our hour out.

When you unite with it,
You become it. 
You no longer try, strive, crave, swoon. 
You have no place to go.

How sacred this moment is: 
Listen to it.

July 19, 2015