We can't stop the destruction of the world. 
I don't understand. 
We were meant to bear witness to it. 
It is out of our control. 
It is "just happening." 
We are "just happening." 
Strange weather. 
Slow dilation of time. 
Death was the only promise life made to us. 
We don't see a way out. 
There is no way out. 
Every moment is joy. 
There is only one moment. 
Devastation in the Third World. 
Media tycoons. 
Oil companies. 
Private jets. 
First class travel. 
Exotic destinations.
5 Star restaurants. 
Colonized mind. 
"We deserve this." 
"Aren't we smart?" 
Ocean acidification. 
Mass extinction. 
Droughts. Super storms. 
Collapse of agricultural system. 
Surrender into it.
"You are doing a great job." 
"Pat yourself on the back."
Spiritual materialism. 
Who is witnessing? 
"I am helpless."
Why hast thou forsaken me? 
Burning Man, blinking lights. 
"Hot girls" with robot hearts. 
Tech geniuses worshiping silicon. 
Green entrepreneurs. 
"Experts are taking care of it." 
"Let's merge with our machines." 
Loss of presence. 
Empty of meaning. 
Mystical anarchism versus
Hedonistic libertarianism. 
More boring words. 
Time never happened. 
Infinity is beyond imagining. 
Samsara is Nirvana.
Aboriginal songlines. 
Buy more toys for the kids. 
Let's accessorize. 
Pretend we care. 
Art world spectacle.
Naive faith in progress. 
Time dilating. 
Awareness is bliss. 
Planetary consciousness. 
Transcendence of ego.
End of adolescence
for the species mind.

June 6, 2015