After the End of It

In the desecrated places
In the lost lands
in the willingness to bear witness
in the forgetting of it
in the time of the amplitude
the ancestral remembering 
walking into the nowness of the softening
the willing wondering
in the time of this desecration
this holy time
this pig shit time
in the faces of the puppets in the wandering
in the spaces between places
in this rusted nail time
resurrection time
animal time
in the night into which it unfolds
day by night by day
in the longing, the craving, for this unraveling
in the knowing of the cruelty
in the wandering
in the time after the time of it
in the city after the end of it
the end of time the forgetting of it
in the mother and the father of it
in the breaking of the seals and the vestiges
in the wondering time
he who in his speaking knowing believing passes into it
she who in her clawing calling gnawing pulses through it
there where vast space encloses
the sphere in which we enter into it
the tomb in which time unwinds
the wind in which crime unbinds
no sin anywhere found 
no forgiveness either
only repetition of gesture, tone
as winter freezes a bird’s shadow
as god stops the heart of a nation
with one dark bloom
it is only this unheard stillness
in the embracing of it
relinquishing it

July 8, 2015