Announcing My New Book, How Soon Is Now

I think we all see that, as a species, we have reached a critical threshold. We confront, both, intensifying ecological meltdown and accelerating technological progress. At a time when humanity is connected as never before through the Internet, we are in danger of crashing the Earth’s life support systems and wiping ourselves out. The question is whether we can face the ecological nightmare - not just climate change, also mass extinction, ocean acidification and other factors - as an immediate imperative. My book proposes we approach it as an initiation, as well as an opportunity for a rapid, self-willed evolutionary leap.

How do we cooperate to make the drastic changes we need to avert global catastrophe? How do we transform our fears - of what is coming, as well as what needs to change - into a positive global project, realizing this transition as our great destiny? In other words - ‘How Soon Is Now?’

Over the coming weeks and months I'll be sharing more information about this project and developing forums where people can come together to explore next steps. We need to build a global movement. With the latest social tools, such a movement could develop in a horizontal, leaderless, and transparent way.  

If you want to be part of this discussion, you can join our How Soon Is Now group on HyLo, a new social network for collaboration. I will share relevant sections of my book in advance, and anyone who wants can share their work and ideas as well.

Part of my thesis is that we can’t solve the problems we face without a transformation of our current political and economic system. Our current institutions were created in the 19th Century when the rate of change was much slower than today. They are centralized and hierarchical. We need to define functional and scalable alternatives. The book looks at possibilities.

I recently sat down with Salon’s Carrie Sheffield for a Facebook Live interview which you can view here. This was the first media on the new book. I already felt the tension between my perspective and the viewpoint of those who believe this system can continue more or less as is.

Next week I am returning to the Burning Man festival, writing about it for who have just published an article by me entitled Why It's Time to Revisit the Art and Culture of Burning Man. I originally wrote about Burning Man as an art movement for ArtForum, back in 2003. I also gave a presentation at Burning Man’s TedX, on art as an instrument for social change.

Please follow along the prerelease of How Soon Is Now on our Facebook and Twitterpages. I invite you to read and share an excerpt from the book on our new website. Please also consider joining my Patreon campaign - supporters will receive a free audiobook version of Breaking Open the Head, which will be finished in a month or so.

Thank you,

Upcoming Adventures

Upcoming Adventures

Hi People,

I write this after presenting a 6 hour lecture / workshop in Sydney, Australia, titled Reconnecting. Speaking for 6 hours (with a couple of short breaks) was a great experience. I forget how many ideas I have explored in my work, until I have no choice but to recall them.

People often tell me they consider me an "expert" in esoteric and difficult subjects - such as the occult, psychic phenomena, extraterrestrials, Amazonian shamanism, and the ecological crisis we confront as a species. I don't think of myself as an expert or an authority - I don't like the idea of experts and authorities, in general. I see myself as a thinker or a philosopher. This job requires ceaseless questioning and constant uncertainty. In my work, I seek to develop an understanding of the world that integrates many subtle facets of reality, and also provides a positive vision of what humanity can do together - can become - in the future. It is an ongoing improvisation.

My friend Gary Gorrow, who runs the Conscious Club in Sydney and organized my workshop, did an interview with me. I posted it here. We jump into little questions about the meaning of life - is it a journey without a destination, or is there some meaningful evolutionary process underway? - and meander on from there.

On May 21, I will be giving a talk in London titled Shamanism, Psychedelics, and the Future of Humanity. Here is info on it. If you are near London, I hope you will come. Before that, I will be speaking at the OuiShare Festival, May 18 - 20, at the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris. This looks like it will be an awesome exploration of ideas and possibilities.

I am also very excited to be the guest lecturer on a small cruise ship that will be roaming around the Croatian coast this summer, from July 31 - August 7. I will give talks everyday on a range of subjects, including the evolution of consciousness, Buckminster Fuller and Sri Aurobindo, Rudolf Steiner and Ray Kurzweil. Bridging Heaven Earth has built this boat, which holds around 30 people, to host visionary thinkers who will present their lifetime of work and research to small and intimate audiences while visiting islands around Croatia. Please join us if you can.

Since the main subject of my current work is the ecological crisis - which I consider a collective rite of passage for humanity - it may seem contradictory to take a gig like this one. I brooded on it. Hopefully, the small amount of CO2 we use will be more than compensated for by the discoveries and the accelerated learning that takes place. I get a great vibe from the Bridging Heaven to Earth team. They are motivated by an authentic desire to promote new ideas and collective evolution.

My next book, How Soon Is Now?, will be published by Watkins Press in the US and UK in February 2017. I am currently cutting and revising the book, which has had a long and difficult gestation. I intend to publish some excerpts and outtakes in future newsletters. Here is one short excerpt I posted on my Patreon site. By the way, if you appreciate my work and want to help get it out to the world, Patreon is a great way to do so. I feel a huge amount of gratitude for those who have been supporting me through Patreon. It has allowed me time I needed to focus on writing and research. In the future, I will use proceeds for marketing my new book, creating videos and podcasts etc. If everyone who reads this were to contribute even just a dollar or two a month, I would have a lot of fuel to promote these ideas.

According to Chinese astrology, we just entered the year of the Fire Monkey. It promises to be one of the most exciting and intense in human history, with so many forces at play. I feel tremendous gratitude to be alive at this time, with all of you. I remain curious to see how our collective narrative - the new myth we are weaving together - will continue to unfold in the time ahead of us.

I hope to see you soon.

Much love,
Daniel Pinchbeck

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